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The Lilac is a shrub which can grow in any kind of soil. So one sees them all over the word in gardens and parks. They then grow as big shrubs of about 4 mtrs high. They come in all sorts of colours, singel and dubbel flowers. It is possible a lila shrub growing in your garden is a simular kind we use for forcing.

The Lilac culture is one of everty 2 years, which means we harvest once in 2 years from a shrub. We prune the shrubs so they remain low and make long straight stems. The big difference is, we removing the shrubs from the soil and get them to flowering in a greenhouse.

This is only possible with the soil we have on the so called upperland. the purpose is by coming and going transport the roots clod stays compact and together. After we forced the shrubs in the greenhouse, we cut the stems from the shrub and make the bunches, bring them to the auction where they are sold to the highest bidder.

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