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The firm Klaas Joren Gzn. is a specialized forced shrub company.

We apply ourselves especially to Lilac’s and chose not to breed the white cultivar, Madame Stepman, into mass production. We made a choice to specialize in a wide assortment.

This is a long term planning. When one starts whit a new cultivar, it takes at least 6 years to see how the colour is and if the cultivar is suitable as a forced shrub. But when things are going against one, with multiplying, maybe after 6 years one only has 20 shrubs left, where off you cannot get a paying production.

So, it is not the easiest way to specialize in order to get a widest assortment as possible. Although it is a wonderful challenge to bring new cultivars to market.
Now, do not think new cultivars are improved  by crossing excisting Lilac cultivars. We are talking excisting old cultivars which maybe have been proved as forced shrub in the past.

We try out one or two each year. A photograph of some of them are in the book of garden Lilac’s where of one can look for the colour or the composition of the flower. From others one only has a definition. So one can imagine once in a while we have a failure from the choice we made 6 years ago.

At this moment we have about 25 cultivars. The number of shrubs vary from 20 up to 5.000. This has to do with the number of years we grow a certain cultivar. By the large number of different cultivars we have the widest assortment of forced shrubs growers.

The exporter with a hart for Lilac’s knows where to find us.

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